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Our mission

We understand that peak hours at restaurant can be stressful. Voyotel automates unnessecery manual tasks, so your staff can focus on delivring exceptional customer experience. Our platform makes it easier for guests to order their food and drinks from home, from the table and pay the bill whenever they are ready. 

Increase Footfall

We deliver exceptional dining experience in an average of 48 minutes by eliminating manual tasks. Voyotel will help you serve more customers in less time.

Boost Sales

Voyotel increases your restaurant profitability by 25%. Simplify your restaurant operations and drive more revenue by reaching out to new customers.

Less Hassle

We display your restaurant menu in our website and app. Customers can search your restaurant, order food and pay the bill at their convinience.

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We are the future of dining

Our platform is your virtual staff that get things done.

We’re helping restaurants boost their profit by 25%

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Our testimonials

We are able to serve tables efficiently with Voyotel. It has increased our sales dramatically. Highly recommend for restaurant owners and managers.
Anwarpal Singh
Cafe India Merchant City, Glasgow
A super quick and cashless dining experience with Voyotel. Pre-ordered my meal from home and got served within minutes. Superb!
Sharon McCully
Food Blogger, The Plate Escapes