Helping New Age Dinners to Dine and Dash

Who we are?

We are engineering and management experts building solutions for restaurant business to provide a quality dining experience. Our company was founded with the mission to simplify the way restaurant business works.

What we do?

Diners are often frustrated by the effort it takes to pay for the bill in a restaurant. Voyotel helps to dine and dash with a simple prepaid menu.  Voyotel aims to provide hassle-free dining to 20 million diners in the UK. Voyotel’s online booking system takes advantage of the Internet’s ability to organise and connect the fragmented marketplace of diners and restaurants into a searchable database. The curated database of restaurants provides on-demand dining with prepaid menu which is easy to use and budget-friendly.

Voyotel is a Private Limited company registered in England under the name Voyotel LTD.

Have you got any queries? Contact us and we will reach out to you within 3-working days.

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