Who we are

Voyotel is a technology company that connects hungry diners with the best restaurants in their locality. We empower restaurants with technology to provide exceptional customer experience by serving soul touching food and world-class hospitality. We believe this as just the begining of our big agenda to simplifiy the way hospitality industry works.

Voyotel was co-founded in 2018 by Sidharth Das and Jasmin, who met at the University of Strathclyde. 



Sidharth, CEO

Sidharth is the Founder and CEO of Voyotel. He holds a Masters in Business and Management from University of Strathclyde and Bachelors in Engineering from KIIT University. Sidharth spends his time at Voyotel in sales and product developement.

Jasmin, Co-founder

Jasmin is the Co-founder of Voyotel. She holds a Masters in International Management from University of Strathclyde and Bachelors in Commerce from Christ University. Jasmin spends her time at Voyotel in sales and operations in India.


Innovation to drive out hunger from our community. Work with talented and smart people who find solutions to tackle big and bold challenges. Be kind towards human, animal and plants.


Create sustainable innovation in the hospitality industry. We are creating human powered technology to bring exceptional experiences to all the food-lovers of the world.


Be fair to customers and employees. We will not tolerate any kind of behaviour or actions from any our stakeholders that will be disrecptful to any race, religion and gender.